Hey there,

I posted a few issues with my newly purchased Saab 9-5 (2000 V6 3.0), and I've been managing up to now, but just recently a more "serious" issue has arose, and I can't seem to find a labelled diagram of my engine bay to figure out where the smoke is originating.

It's coming from the right of the engine, enters into the cabin, and out the exhaust. I don't think it quite smells like burning oil, but it's not sweet like coolant. It's almost like burnt wax or an acidic/chemical type burning smell. I think the smoke is white, but I can't tell for sure. (Video link below. Smoke isn't where the guy is pointing. Don't mind the chatting, it was a random stranger at a gas station. I couldn't rotate the angle either).

I also can't tell if I've lost power since my cat and muffler need replacing, so it's been a bit sluggish since purchasing. There is a noise, not loud, but noticeable..almost like a plastic flutter (no squeal).

I'm wondering if anyone can tell where the smoke is coming from, and what the likely culprit is. There is oil dripping, as you can see, but I don't know if it's related.

One other thing- my dash vents were not blowing air, but I did the reset and the code came up as 8, and they now work again. The solenoid has also started making the typical clicking noise when I push on the brake, when it never did before. Not sure if either of those things are related to the issue at hand.

So..am I screwed? Am I safe to be driving it? I don't have access to do fixes myself, and the budget is tight, so if it's something major I'm concerned it's going to have to be scrapped