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    New SW Feature?

    Something like this might already exist, but I haven't found it. Would be cool to have a "Failure Prediction" post, ranked by the most serious or potentially catastrophic at the top. Perhaps the post could be based on a particular engine. Owners could be "polled" as to what part failed at what mileage yielding an average failure rate for specific parts. The Failure Prediction post assumes that you follow Saab's service intervals religiously.

    For Example:

    2003 Saab 9-5 2.3T Manual Wagon

    Catastrophic Failure Preventative Maintenance

    100K miles or before:

    1) Drop sump to clean everything out and clear oil pickup screen, replace two O rings, etc.
    (failure to perform this service could lead to oil starvation and destroy your engine)

    2) Replace your outer Crankshaft seal and Oil Pump cover O ring. Failures averaged at 150K miles.
    Complete failure of the seals can lead to an "dump all at once" oil leak, leaving your engine
    without oil and ruining your engine completely.

    Extremely costly Preventative Maintenance:

    100K miles or before

    1) Replace your coolant bypass valve with a new valve or eliminate it all together with a MacKay
    Bypass valve elimination hose set. Failure of this part can dump all of your coolant all at once
    leading to an overheat situation which can quickly warp your Aluminum Cylinder Head, leading
    a Head Gasket Project

    Broken Down along side the road Preventative Maintenance:

    100K miles or before:

    1) Fuel pump motor. When the fuel pump motor fails you will be stranded along side the road.
    The fuel pump motor can only be trusted for the first 100K miles.

    2) Crankshaft Position Sensor

    Making it to 200K miles Preventative Maintenance:

    150K miles or before

    1) Failure of your Brake Booster and partial failure of the ABS module are likely. First you will hear a
    "hissing" sound, followed my a stiffening of the brake pedal and ultimately brake failure. ABS
    Module failure result in most of the lights on your dash coming on and staying on, failure of your
    speedometer, ect.

    Just a thought....

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