A very big sorry from me for the lack of information this year.
Major problems with my life has made it difficult to do normal things.

22nd is the date, as mentioned above. Sadly we had to move the date due to a double booking although the 2017 show has been booked and for the 7th May.
The format will be as previous years, turn up, park and chat. Judge for your favourite Saab, Volvo and truck.
I will work on the Saturday evening meal for those staying in the area. There is free camping again but remember that there are no facilities once the pub is shut.
Sadly the main website is down and I will need to find a new host. This I will do asap but packing and moving back to my house is taking the strain,,,,,,, but I will win, lol.
Happy for emails on robin.saab@btinternet.comif you want other information.