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    Ira Rosenberg

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    19 Dec 2011
    Detroit, Michigan, United States
    2009 9-3 Aero XWD V6 Manual Sedan
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    XWD Maintenance Instructions

    Please let me know if anyone has previously posted instructions for draining and refilling the XWD systems: transfer case, eLSD (including the filter) and differential. Before I start the project I want to know whether this is something that can be done at home without a hoist, whether there are fill plugs for each system (it should be easy to find drain plugs), are any special tools needed and finally, are there any specific torque requirements (i.e. eLSD cover).

    I have read most of the threads here and elsewhere regarding change intervals and the opinions run from about every 20,000 miles to never (manufacturer).

    I have a 2009 93 Aero with almost 75,000 miles and have not yet serviced this system. Fortunately, most of the miles are highway and I have not had any dash light warnings.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    08 Apr 2019
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    '99 9-3 SE
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    Any follow-up to the question?

    I'm considering buying a '10 9-3x, and I've heard that a leaking transfer case can cause a cascade of other problems, with parts difficult to find...

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