When upgrading the 2008-2011 9-3 with added fog lights one needs a specific switch. The fog light switches are confusing since there are 3 different fog light switches and 3 light switches (12774378, 12774376, and 12774374) for the car without fog lights. Xenon equipped 9-3s use 12774375 switches which should mostly have standard fog lights and don't need to be added. The 12774377 switches are for Halogen equipped non US and Canadian 9-3s with fog lights.

The 12774379 switches are the correct ones to obtain when adding fog lights to the Halogen equipped 2008-2011 9-3 in the US and Canada. The wrong fog light switches (12774377) have been ordered twice for my two 9-3s which are in Texas. So, if your Swedish you want switch 12774377; and if your American you want switch 12774379.