The Marketplace is moving from the forum on to our new site:

Forums are often not the best kind of format for posting and viewing items for sale. The new SaabWorld Marketplace has a few additional benefits:

  • No registration required. Just enter the details and your contact information, add pictures and post. You will receive an email with a code you can use to edit your ad (similar to craigslist)
  • Potential buyers will be easily see your contact information and send a message using a form. Your email address will not be visible. No need for them to register.
  • You can edit and delete your own ads.
  • You can post up to 10 pictures. If they are larger than 800px, the Marketplace will automatically resize them.
  • When browsing the Marketplace, you can view all listings or filter by vehicles/parts and by region (North America/Europe/Rest of the world.
  • Interesting and unique listings will be shared with our 4500+ followers on Facebook and Google Plus
  • The same rules and guidelines apply to the new Marketplace. Private parties and commercial sellers can post their vehicles and parts.
  • It's free!

Please check it out and post any questions, issues and other feedback in this thread.

I'll be moving active listings over to the new place in the next few days so you don't have to do this yourself. But if you prefer to add your listing yourself with new or larger pictures, please feel free to do so. When I move any listings, you'll receive an automated email with the key code to edit or delete your listing.

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