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    Persistent gravel sound coming from belt area, accesories failing.

    My 1990 900S started making a loud grinding sound about a week back, coming from the belt area, power steering seemed to skip occasionally, and the battery light would occasionally turn on indicating that the alternator wasn't functioning. Could this be caused by a failing power steering pump, or could this be more of a crank pulley or timing chain issue? I've done quite a bit of research to no avail, and Id like to have a good idea of what I'm dealing with here. Car runs and drives normally otherwise

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    Paul A
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    Several possibilities;
    Alternator bearing failure ( seems likely if bat light comes on occasionally). Check this by using a stethoscope on alt. body to check noise. Or use a long screwdriver touched on alt body. Listen with your ear for noise at the handle end.
    Or could be bearing in power steering tensioner idler puller failing. Don't think it's PS pump.
    Very unlikely to be crank pulley or timing chain.
    Confirm by loosening or removing associated belt. If noise stops you've found the issue.

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