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    multiple warning lights came on after parked 2 weeks

    2006 9-3 2.0T has multiple warning lights that came on after parked 2 weeks
    anti-lock brakes malfunction, traction control malfunction, stability control malfunction, check oil level, also the speedometer and odometer do not work.
    I was able to drive car 200 miles - car runs fine
    before this happened the check oil light was coming on and from research, the sensor had probably failed.
    I tried disconnecting the battery after driving to reset everything no luck.
    any ideas?

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    Dave T.
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    Is there an AutoZone or O'Reilly Auto Parts near you? Both of those chains can loan you an OBD reader to use in the parking lot. As you probably know, the plug for that handheld reader in the driver's foorwell. Write down the error codes and try clearing the error messages. When the battery is weak, the car can have minor electrical gremlins but usually not that many warning lights.

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    Hello tKsaab,
    after 2weeks, yoyr battery will have depleted a bit,
    there was just enough Power to crank the motor, but while doing:
    a brief moment the crank volatge dropped bellow 10Volts. This can create such random errors.
    Also; check for loose/corroded battery terminals; and for the negative strip contact to ground & engine!
    It is underneath the black plastic battery holder case, so you'll have to remove this.
    You could also prior measure the resistance between baat negative & chassis engine, it should be near zero.
    Than test this loaded aswell, with a huge current flow! You can do this with the headlights on.
    Don't run the engine, as the alternators charging current will falsify your loaded readings,
    and a loose battery terminal contact can kill your alternators' rectifier diodes!
    As long as you don't test this with the engien running, you can do no harm, besides creating shorts and Sparks ;-?

    GoodLuck, keep me informed please? Harry.

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    Everything is simple ,regarding time spend



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