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    Blower motor acting up. Bad blower motor regulator (a.k.a. speed controller)?

    I have a 2005 Saab 9-5 Arc sedan with 115K miles.

    The blower motor/fan for the heater/AC has been acting up over the past few months.

    When you first turn on the fan, there is no airflow at all. The blower is dead. The LED bars on the display seem to work fine, but the fan is dead on each setting (including the highest setting @ 7 bars). The fan will start working after about 10 minutes. And then it will randomly turn on and off as I drive (e.g. on for 10 minutes, off for 15 minutes).

    So... I removed the blower. The brushes were a little worn, but other than that it appeared to be in good shape. The commutator looked perfect. I went ahead and replaced the brushes anyway, and then reinstalled the blower. NO IMPROVEMENT – SAME SYMPTOMS. The fan will start working after about 10 minutes. And then it will randomly turn on and off as I drive. Grrrrrrrrr…

    So I guess the blower motor regulator blower is bad? (I also see it is called a "resistor pack" and "speed controller.")

    Yesterday I ordered the blower motor regulator from eEuroparts, part no 4869319. I have googled for instructions on how to replace it, but am getting weird/conflicting information. For the 9-5, some people are saying it depends on the particular year and VIN.

    So how do I replace it?


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    I changed mine in the 06 model and it was pretty straight forward. Just 1 short wire, and 1 rubber seal.

    I think for the older models, it has 2 rubber seals where after the blower connection, it comes back into the car and hooks up to the connectors to the AC unit.

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