So today I decided to finally replace the broken shifter cover jalousie in my 1999 9-3. It took a little while to get everything disassembled and put back together given that I didn't really know what I was doing at first so I was referring to forums and it ended with me taking apart most of the center console even though that was not necessary. Well I took apart the lever and casing around the shifter, replaced the jalousie and reassembled everything (minus the screw in the front of the lever because I didn't know if everything would work) and then had to jump off my car because I had been working on it a long time with the doors open and sometimes the radio on so the battery had died. While the battery was dead, when the key was out of the car there was a clicking coming from the fuse box under the hood from the box that was for the low beams I believe. The car jump started fine but I immediately noticed that it was revving very high. Reverse sounded fine but I drove it around the neighborhood and had a little difficulty just bringing it to a stop, and it would idle at 35 mph. Should I try disassembling the shifter lever and casing and reassembling it again? Or is there something I may have unknowingly altered by doing this seemingly simple task?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.