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    2006+ B235R swap into Viggen Questions.

    I know somebody a few years back posted about this on SC.

    I am wondering what needs to happen for this swap to go smoothly. Did the later style throttle body get retained? I imagine the viggen accessories need to be swapped on, but what can stay from the 06+ B235R.

    My Viggen probably had a engine killing event of unknown cause on Sunday. I can source an 07 motor with 160k for as little as $250.

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    Keep the valve cover and the front accessories mounting brackets. The one big unknown in my mind is the ECU. The engine will probably require the 2007 ECU for the engine mapping but it may not work with everything else on your Viggen. Maybe the best approach is to keep the original ECU and have the program tweaked by a Tuner to take advantage of the 260HP the stock 2007 engine will deliver.

    Owning and maintaining both a 2000 Viggen and a 2008 9-5 Aero, I do not see major differences between the engines and parts other than accessories mounting and serpentine belt length.

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