Hi All.
My `06 9-3 convertible recently started having an issue with the dome lights. Whether turned on automatically by opening the door or by the manual light switch with the doors closed, I get the same result: the right bulb flickers and goes out and then the left bulb flashes and finally goes out whether the engine is running or not. More recently, when the trunk is popped, it doesn't pop up as much and the alarm goes off if I haven't unlocked the car. It seems that the posts that pop open the trunk may not be pushing the trunk lid up as far when triggered and maybe this also means that the alarm is not deactivated??? Could this be a voltage/current issue with both problems??? -- dome light doesn't have enough volts/amps to keep the bulbs on, and the trunk also hasn't the volts/amps to pop it up properly??? Any ideas are much appreciated!