I wanted to pass this along in case anyone encounters the same issue.

I have an 02' 9-3 bored over .25 with Wossners installed and I kept hearing a whoosh sound every time I would floor it and significant lack of power, even for a stock ECU tune.
I looked and looked and looked, I also took it into a few places with no success. Finally, I ran into a post on a forum, that stated you could engage the turbo at a standstill by holding the brake down and putting it in drive and stepping on it. I could then replicate the 'whoosh' successfully every time. I took it to my backyard mechanic, and showed him my new trick!
Turns out the BOTTOM of the Intercooler hose on the left side wasn't properly attached, so it was leaking. So much ugh!

Anyway, as that hose is waaaaaay down towards the bottom of the vehicle, getting to the clamp was difficult and then the clamp nut stripped!
Thankfully we had a spare clamp and swapped it.

I just wanted to pass this one along, once the IC hose was secured, the car performs like a true champ, and I love her even more.
Hopefully you don't ever encounter this issue, but if you do, check for a leaking IC, as some of the parts are plastic, or check the hose!