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    2004 saab 9-5 stalling issue

    First and foremost, allow me to make an introduction of my self and say hello! Im an automotive technician based in cincinnati ohio and just recently (2 days ago) purchased not only my first saab, but the first saab ive literally ever touched, its an 04 9-5.

    Now to the issue, when i go out and first start the vehicle, i have to feather the throttle whilst simultaneously turning on the econ mode or else the vehicle stalls instantly. Its got a MIL light illuminated due to a misfire code. However, once you actually start driving it, its fine. Hasnt stalled on me yet once ive actually started driving. Just once you turn the ignition over. As im highly unfamiliar with these vehicles figured i would seek out some advice.

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    Welcome to the forum. For a newbie to Saab, the 9-5 is a bit tricky, but since you are a tech, you should catch on quicker than most. For your issue, if you are having misfires, there are 2 things it may be: the CPS, crank position sensor, or the DIC, direct ignition cassette. Plugs are also a factor as well. If you have access to any real time diagnostic equipment, that would help quite a bit. Saab pros use a proprietary device called a Tech 2 to diagnose and program. The key for Saabs is diagnosing. Usually owners replace a lot of parts to cure problems.

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