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    Quote Originally Posted by nordwulf View Post
    So how is it going with the business? Steady flow of customers? I imagine it might be tough to start a car repair business but perhaps there are lots of customers in your area.

    Still have a large personal collection of Saabs?
    I am still surprised by the percentage of Saab customer work I have and keep getting! I love it. Still working on cleaning and organizing almost 3 years in now. Slowly the shop it turning into what I want/best it can be. I am back on the hunt (since Aug 2018) for another technician to help with getting cars in and out faster! Very busy - very backed up - a good problem to have.

    Come on down to the river and visit me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnsside42 View Post

    Come on down to the river and visit me!
    Good luck! Last week I was less than 50 miles away instead of the usual 2000+ miles away. I didn't realize you were there!

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