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    2004 9-3 2.0t engine problems

    problem first started about a month when I was going up an incline on the 405 freeway. I gave it gas to get in switch lanes and get in front of another car. rpms shot up but no matter how much I pressed down on the gas pedal it would only go about 30mph. then all of the sudden it just lurched foreward like it just got hit by a train. car kept losing acceleration so I pulled off freeway and stopped for about an hour. turned car back on and it seemed ok but from that point on whenever I drive it it does the shuttering thing when I give it gas, rpms go up and the car lurches foreward. this eventually got less and less common after I added transmission fluid and a gas cleaner made by a company I forget the name of. pretty much poured it directly into gas tank and bottle said it cleans fuel lines?? the car is also tectronic or whatever its called and I noticed that when it would have these issues I could throw it into manual and then go from 3rd to 4th to 5th with no issue really and it made the car seem fine. a few weeks back after a about a 2 hour drive doing an average of 70-75 the whole way I went to pull off to get gas. as soon as I hit the exit car immediately starts decelerating no matter how much pedal is pushed and car seemed extremely heavy and sluggish if that makes since. got to gas station turned car back on and all of the sudden were right back to normal....
    so tonight I was driving my car up somewhat of an incline on the 405 freeway actually now that I think it was the EXACT same spot it all started . all of a sudden it starts doing the shuttering thing so I do my manual thing but this time I notice for the first time and which never happened before, that the temp gauge was in the red. as I crest the hill and start the downward incline the steering wheel completely losing all power steering and I'm in the middle damn lane of the 405 at rush hour now going 30 miles and losing mph fast. somehow make it to left lane. notice strong burning gasoline smell. cop shows up calls tow truck but I keep trying to start it and every time I turn key it turn car on almost lets say 85 percent if that makes sense and then shuts down.eventually get car towed to spot and by this time over an hour has passed since car shutdown so I figure hey I wonder if maybe it will start and guess what lo and damn beholdit does but the car is now violently shaking and while it park I give it some gas. literally smoked out the whole neighborhood.... I don't know a thing about cars. this was the first car and only Ive ever bought once I got home from my Iraq deployment. Im a 27 year old disabled vet with no car and absolutely no clue on what my next move should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseRamos View Post
    I don't know a thing about cars.

    absolutely no clue on what my next move should be.
    Have it checked out by a mechanic, preferably a Saab specialist. It sounds like it may be the turbo but can be anything.

    If it isn't something easy to fix, these 13-year old Saabs can become a money pit when you can't do most repairs yourself.

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