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    Question regarding 2003 vs 1999

    I currently own a 1999 9-5 wagon. It needs lots of parts due to broken plastic in engine compartment and the interior is in rough shape. I have an opportunity to buy a 2003 9-5 se sedan and it looks like most if not all of the parts I need for the engine and air intake are there and in good shape.
    The questions that I have are related to the interior mostly. Can I swap the front seats and interior carpets from 03 to the 99? I know that the rear seats won't work due to the seperate head rests and latching mechanisms. But what about the rest? Seats (which are heated in the 03 but not in the 99), floor carpets, dash panels and center console coverings, side marker (turn signal) bulbs, front turn signal assemblies, inside door skins?

    I know that they are different colors than what I have but in much better shape. I will end up with a miss matched patch job in the end but the quality of the interiors would make a world of difference.

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    Yes, all will fit.
    the bottom rear seat is the same. you can find the back 2nd hand. The 99 may have the heat seater pad and wiring already.

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