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    Fuse/Relay questions for my 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0t

    I have a few questions about my 9-3 fuse/relays.

    I am missing the relay for my Flash-to-pass system. R5 in the panel in front of the battery. I want to replace it, but am not sure how to find the part. Can someone link to one?

    Also, my cruise control is non functional. Dash shows it when I switch to on position, but it will not engage. I can't figure out what fuse/relay would relate to this, but am hoping it is as simple as replacing one of these. Any ideas on this?

    Last, my headlights (xenon) have minds of their own. If they are in any position when the car starts up, they are on. If I switch modes on the switch the will do very strange things. Most commonly, one will go out, if i keep flicking their switch to other positions, the other might go out or the first may come back. After about 5-15 flicks of the switch they will both come on and i will stop touching it. If the car has only been parked of a few minutes, there is also a high chance that one light will fail on startup and that will start the journey of flipping until they magically turn on. This is a very weird one, but I am hoping someone can explain a fix if it happens to others.


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    The headlight switch only does what the body control module program allows it to do, you can try to fool it and sometimes get parking lights only for a second or two. Need the Tech 2 to program from full time running lights to switch operation.

    Bad connect or flaky starting ballast or relay will give you the rest of your headlight trouble description.

    Relays are available most parts stores and all GM parts counters.

    Cruise control could be a problem, could be fuse, vacuum line, tranny speed sensor, or curse control unit, or the set speed switch, or car could need 4 wheel thrust alignment or recalibrate unit to stability sensor, or could be as simple as switch on brake peddle connection was knocked loose. Check switch at brake peddle and check fuse if not there check for codes, if no codes found pull battery cable for 10 to 15 minutes reconnect and if that doesn't get you going or give you a code it's time to get your hands on a Tech 2 or take it to a shop that has one.

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