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    Ben Stevens
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    ECU Not Programmed, other similar issues as well

    Hey guys,

    When I was buying my 9-3, the previous owner said that the battery froze and he couldn't start it, so he bought a new battery and put it in. Problem is, now there are these errors as follow when I start up the car;

    -Right brake light failure
    -Left brake light failure
    -ECU not programmed
    -Central Lock System fault
    -Right dipped beam failure

    All of these features work absolutely fine so I'm not sure how it's showing them as errors. It's already become a routine habit to spam the clear button as soon as I start her up. Would anyone on here have any idea how to fix this?


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    Haven't seen anything like this on my 06 9-3 so this is just a shot in the dark and all I can do is suggest some simple things.

    Pull the battery out and give it a full charge, they don't always come off the store shelf fully charged.
    While the battery is out of the way give the big ground connect a good look see, then look at all the other connects that are easy to check while the battery is out.
    Make sure battery terminals and cable ends are clean and re connect battery when fully charged.
    If this doesn't fix your error display you may need to visit with the local Saab service center.

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    You will likely need some Tech 2 (or tech2win emulator) time to determine which ECU (electronic control unit) is misbehaving. The term ECU can refer to just about any unit in the car that should be "married" to the car via the VIN.

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