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    saab 9-5 2002 3.0l diesel
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    saab9-5 2002 diesel 3.0 - doesn't start

    my saab doesn't want to start tries to turn on but no fuel is comming to engine (no smoke, no fuel out of exhaust).
    So i throught it can be fuel pump but i don't know where it is if it has any.
    When i look at fuel hoses they were full of solidified diesel.
    I would be happy for any advice and/or fotos of fuel line, or if the problem is in electric stuff then some diagrams would be nice.


    saab 9-5 2002 diesel 3.0l isuzu engine

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    please give us some more details...the car has been bought used,or you are the first owner?
    Has the car had all the recall campains? Km?
    The issue happened after a long period of stop at low fuel level?
    Before you start removing parts without a precise troubleshooting i advise to NOT touch anything,since parts are very rare and expensive..than first thing connect the TECH2 and make a diagnosis, if no DTC'S are shown go to live data and check if the pressure into the rail is under the spec's...if yes the car has some electrical issues if not remove the suction basket inside the tank and clean it,done this check in the tank if the splash guard is in position,if not try to put it on it's side,if it's won't stay in side remove it...
    Purge the line possibly with a new fuel filter...
    These are just steps of a planned maintenance...Anyway W/O the tech2 don't even think to start any troubleshooting...
    I had the "same "problem a few time ago and it take a lot of work to find the the problem..
    I hope to mistake but for what you say i think the pressure valves on the pump are gone...
    For your knowledge the pump is between the V and to remove it you have to dismantle half engine...Don't touch if you don't have the knowledge.
    Ciao Luca.

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