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    TECH 2 Saab expert needed

    I have a 2000 Saab 95 Aero which needs a twice unit replaced . I've located tech 2 for a decent price but I've read that the memory cards can be a bit of a problem and you shouldn't interchange them between cars. They are PCMCIA memory cards I was wondering if you could buy a memory card with the same specs that is not a gm card but a more generic or reasonably priced and load the data on to it using ''tis software . I've read in some forums and it can be done but I have lost them over the years. If so where could you locate a card that would work reliably and how would you go about programming the data needed to use the tool .

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    There is great advices I greet you http://lan-utan-uc-se.com/

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    The PCMCIA card is an old fashion memory card and they are still available, but you pay a price for the lack of competition in the market place.

    With this Name:  PCMCIA to CompactFlash adaptor.jpg
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Size:  1.3 KBand a 32meg minimum size flash memory card, (if you get a better price on 64meg take the better price), this reasonably priced adaptor (and the find it everywhere flash memory) can be used to hold the Tech 2 program. Don't need to have a PCMCIA slot in an old computer to load your own memory card, but you do need this $3 adaptor to use it.


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