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    Loud engine (valve) rattle and coolant leak after cylinder head installation

    Hi there,

    Just finished with the cylinder head job (2000 Saab 9-5 Aero B235R), did it for multiple reasons: exhaust manifold studs were broken off, coolant leakage, crankcase vent not working, and just the interest to see what's inside. Started up the car and: engine works with a bit higher than usual revs (I didn't check the tacho sadly) and quite loud engine noise (valve rattle?).

    When doing the head job I disassembled all 16 hydraulic tappets and cleaned them thoroughly. When reassembling I didn't bleed them rock solid but left in the sponginess (didn't fill max with oil). So I would guess this could not be the problem? Timing I checked multiple times and all the marks were where they were supposed to be, so it can not be this also? Could it be oil pressure is not building up so no adequate lubrication for the camshaft area?

    Second thing is a coolant leak. I see white smoke coming near turbo and exhaust manifold, also a noticeable amount of coolant just below the cylinder head coolant hoses / thermostat cover on the automatic tranny. Also small leak from the radiator. Before installing the head I inspected the hoses and found no cracks nor defects so I just reused the old ones. Could this be indication of bad coolant bypass valve? Or just bad hoses?

    Any ideas?


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    Hi Shimmy. ive just made the same job as you, made my head with new valves, guides and new tappets. mine is also valve rattling. i am dissapointed after buying 16 new tappets and they 1 or 2 are very noisy! iven been thinking to use some oil cleaner or even to use a hammer and some copper and hammer a bit in hope of to get the air out of them.

    The coolant leak could sound like the Water line running from the turbo to the waterpump.

    regards chris

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