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    Rough start, having trouble getting fuel, having trouble getting to much fuel

    Okay. A few days ago I replaced the fuel filter with a wix filter. After trying to start it. It wouldn't start but I assumed it need to build pressure. 15 minutes later it was still not starting but finally managed to get it going. Once started I would give it a little gas and it would either die or go down to about 100rpm and struggle.

    I turned it off after a little circle drive and tried starting it but it didn't start, the fuel pump didn't even sound like it was going. After about 30 cranks it started and ran perfectly. I am lost. About 2 days it ran awesome. But, today I tried starting it and it idled fine but when I tried pulling out of a parking lot it kept dying. I decided to risk it and drive to work. When stopped it was very hard to get going. Once driving though it would give me to much fuel! I would not even have to push on the pedal. It just kept accelerating. When I pushed the clutch in, it would rev up to 2500. HELP PLEASE.

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    Though a flaky fuel pressure regulator could give you these symptoms, this sounds like it could also be more than one problem. Knowing if the check engine light was on is kind of important and wondering what kind of problems you might have had before replacing the fuel filter could save a lot of time.

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    Change or work on anything else? Also sounds like a flakey AFM.


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    Your fuel pump may be failing. It does happen. Next time it doesn't start try thumping the bottom of the fuel tank with your fist. This is often sufficient to get a seized fuel pump stated again. You will need to crank the engine first, which is needed to initiate the pump. A fuel pressure test is easy to do a often reveals difficult issues.

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