2008 9-3 Aero TTiD Sports Sedan Manual
82,000 Km (Approx 51,000Mi)

Bought the car about 2 years ago and since then the time and effort it seems to take to get the car to start from cold is getting worse. Originally it was not too bad and I just wrote it off as being a diesel thing, as I have never owned one before, but now if the car sits for more than 5-6hrs it is very noticeable and gets worse the longer it sits, but if warm it starts pretty well. I also have a video of it attempting to start after sitting for about 12hr is anyone wants to see it (video is from turning the key and letting it prime, then at 16 seconds attempting to start, and finally starting at 29 seconds), but I will need to work out how to do that? Other than this when the car has started it seems to run fine, a little smoking under load but not too bad. Car has been serviced as per the book, run on the best diesel (non-bio) I can find here and occasionally taken on the freeway (one of these trips would have been within a week of this video).

So far I have taken it to a Saab trained mechanic and got him to replace the starter motor, crank angle sensor and fuel filter (forum suggestions) but no luck. He then went over the car and could not find a solution.

Then went to a diesel specialist as I was suspicious that the fuel might be the issue but all was check (lines, pumps and injectors) and was fine. They then went over the car and found that the battery was dropping to 7v on start, so the it was replaced, but this did not fix it. They then found that the alternator was only outputting 13-13.5v to the battery but did not think this would fix the cold start issues.

Not sure if this is relevant butů About 2-3 months ago had the timing belt done, by the aforementioned Saab mechanic, and about two days later the engine lost power and started making a bad noise. Turned out to be the EGR was stuck open so it was replaced and all was well again. Then about three weeks ago the other half was driving it and said then it did the same thing going up a minor hill, minus the bad noise. Car was taken back to the mechanic and he reset the EGR error and limp mode, check the valve and found it to be working fine. It has worked fine since then but the diesel mechanic told me that he spoke to the Saab mechanic and apparently he has set an ignore on this error (P0400 & P0621) as it kept coming up.

Any chance with all the combined experience here that someone has seen this before? And have a nice easy fix?