Hi all am wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with their 2006 9-5 diesel. Car towed caravan several hundred miles with ease, on reaching home a sudden loss of power, almost cutting out as I entered a roundabout. also a couple of times while driving along engine has cut with sudden deceleration and acceleration. I have used my reader which has never failed before, and no faults found? Had the car 3 months its got extensive history, new inlet manifold with swirl flaps, new EGR valve (have swapped this in effort to cure no difference) Cleaned the MAP sensor which was very dirty, result quicker pick up more power, until car decides to throw a wobbler. MAF sensor cleaned, then replaced. No difference, gave car major service, still the same. Averaging around 40mpg. Car always starts first time instantly,Its just this this sudden cutting out and complete power loss which is worrying me, as I feel it may break down completely. After doing all of the above I feel it may be a broken wire or connection fault, oh yes and the ABS and ESP come on and off at times but speedo still working? so have currently dismissed this as module fault because my 9-3 speedo also failed and was unable to communicate with reader. (code reading no fault found) just would appreciate help in where to start or advice from people who have suffered the same problem. Sorry if its a bit of an essay just wanted to let you know what I have and have not done. Thanks in advance for any help