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    Swedish production company looking for people with an interesting Saab story

    I received an email from Isabella Ideberg who works for Rough Studios in Sweden. They are looking for Saab enthusiasts who want to share their Saab story.

    Please discuss in this thread and send me a PM (personal message) if you would like her email address.

    This is an article with a Saab video made by Rough Studios: http://saabworld.org/orio-ab-saab-parts-life/

    Email from Rough Studios:

    My name is Isabella and I work at the Swedish production company Rough Studios. We're working with the client Saab and are creating some films for there social media.

    We're going to do some films that are called Saab stories where we follow and film people who are going on different adventures or have a lifestyle that is connected to Saab Cars. Now we are in a research phase where we're looking for these people to film and follow in the campaign. It could be everything from Saab - enthusiast - to a family (we have contact with now) that travel the world in their old Saab car.

    And I'm writing to you know because I wonder if you might have any tips of people that might have an interesting Saab- story? It must not be directly connected to a special product or Saab model. Just be a person that in some way have a connection to Saab and has a story that could be interesting to tell.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Appreciate all help!
    About Rough Studios from their website:

    Rough Studios is a international production company and branded content agency. We’re producing long and short non-fictional stories for cinema, television or web. Merging cinematic storytelling with cutting edge technology. Creating films that inspire and change the world.

    Our projects are strategically planned using a holistic approach where we combine online video campaigning with social media storytelling. Today, it isn’t enough to just launch a web series online. People does not only want to watch what’s on screen, but to be a part of the story itself. Which is where we come in. Rough Studios is focusing on giving people REAL stories that they can relate to. Stories that build engagement, raise awareness and build trust among the target audience.

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    Finding someone making a cross country trip to SOC 2017 in SoCal would make a good story. Especially in a vintage Saab.

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