I just finished this relatively simple job, but there are a few things I would like to point out. First is that these nozzles fail most often by a plug on the bottom blowing out. If you are lucky enough to remove the engine hood blanket carefully and have the plug tumble out in your hand you can probably refit it to the bottom with some Superglue after carefully wiping away any residual washer fluid. I was not that fortunate, so I had to buy a new washer nozzle, or in my case a kit. It appears that Saab went with individual nozzles up through the 2007 model year. Then in 2008 they used the exact same nozzles, but added some more reinforcement to the hose to keep it from popping off, and they then sold all three nozzles as a kit.

The nozzles for the driver's side/center and the passenger side are different. On US cars the driver's side and center nozzles on pre2008 cars are part number 12778850 and the passengers side is 12778849. Eeuroparts also sells all three as a set. For 2008-2009 these are sold as a kit with attached hose and have a part number 12779212. Hood blanket rivets are part number 92152371.

I am pretty sure that if you can get the hoses on and off reliably, you can use the earlier model nozzles on the 2008-2009 cars. I just figured it would be good to get the full kit, and you could probably use that same kit on Pre 2008 cars as well. If someone else can verify that, it would probably help.

To install the full kit, you have to remove the hood blanket. This can be done by using a small allen wrench to insert in the center hole of the plastic rivet. Make sure that the allen wrench is small enough to allow the rivets to collapse inward, but not too small to rupture the center webbing between the two latches. It is also probably a good idea to order a few of these rivets as they can break during removal. Insert the wrench and depress slowly until you hear it pop then pull the rivet gently from the hole. Remove as many rivets as you need to gain access to the nozzles and their hoses. My car has a metal piece on the hood that is riveted over the blanket that is used to depress the unlatched hood notification switch. I could not remove this piece, so I had to work around it. Once you have access to the bottom of the nozzles, look at the front of each nozzle and you will see a plastic latch. Carefully depress this latch from the underside of the hood with a small screwdriver to drive it backward until it releases from the slot. Do this for all three nozzles. Once they are free, carefully manipulate each one around until you can get them to fit down through the slot into the underside of the hood. Keep working at it and eventually they will fit through. Unhook the Y-Connection from the hose on the driver's side, and remove the hose and nozzles from the hood. Now take the new kit and working from the underside of the hood starting on the driver's side, work each nozzle around until it fits up through its respective slot up to the topside of the hood. More gentle manipulation is required here. Once they are all through to the topside of the hood gently push each nozzle into position until it latches in the slot in the hood. Connect the Y connection back to the hose. Now test your washers to make sure that all three nozzles are working. Finally, fit the blanket back up under the hood and put the rivets back into place by pushing them through their holes until they latch. There, you are done, and you will once again have a clean windshield.