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    Jalopnik: The Saab 9-3 Viggen Was The Last Great True Saab

    Article from Jalopnik:

    Say you’re in the market for a secondhand European hot hatchback, but seek something a little more interesting than a Golf GTI or a Ford Focus RS. Your options are scarce. Sure, you could try to import a Renault Clio V6 from France, but do you really want to get yourself into the hassle of importing a French car? And does the Clio V6 even exist outside of Gran Turismo?

    What you want is something that was legally sold here in North America, a car you can normally register at your local DMV, get in, and drive. Turns out Saab may just have what you need.

    Find the article here: http://jalopnik.com/the-saab-9-3-vig...aab-1796845072

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    But, think about the numbers

    Hey! That's my car! And yes, it's amazing. However, very few were made; of those, not all were shipped to the USA, and that torque steer! If someone decided to show off, he or she could cause a lot of problems because the torque steer was a real issue. Lots of Viggens showed right back up at the dealership, only in the body shop, and sometimes within the first month of the new owner taking delivery of the vehicle.

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