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    2002 9-3 convertible
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    New to me 2002 9-3 SE Convertible

    Just picked up my new daily driver today. Back in 2001 I bought a new 9-3 convertible for my wife and we both loved it. Decided to do it again to keep from putting so many miles on my truck. I'm looking forward to talking to a lot of you folks as I start to play around with my new acquisition.
    She's (don't have a name for her yet) painted a dark midnight blue (dunno if that's a real SAAB color or not) with black leather and grey interior. Very little wear and tear and most everything seems to work so far (cruise, lights, wipers, audio, brakes, cooling system, trans) but she's been sitting with old gas for the last 6-8 months and could likely use a tune-up and a couple of spritzes of contact cleaner in and around the buttons of the audio and information modules.
    I'll take her in tomorrow for a CA smog check and hope all goes well.
    I'm glad this forum is here and I'm sure you all will be seeing me often.
    I'll be sure to fill out my profile.

    Nice to be here,


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    first of all you need to drop the sump in few weeks because you're in full time of those engines having oil sludge issues, in the mean time checked if the PCV ( crankcase ventilation system) have been updated you need to have #6 kit. that's very important and using only full synthetic oil 5w30/40. avoiding doing that drives your engine to seize.
    A part of that we welcome you to this forum and hope you enjoyed your new toy.

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    Hello and welcome!

    It looks like Midnight Blue is the right color name. http://saabarchive.net/index.php/c/cdb

    Hopefully the smog test went ok today. We always enjoy pictures so perhaps you can share a few.

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