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    2006 Saab 9-5 PCV Update Inquiry

    Did 2006's come with PCV Update #6 installed? My dipstick tube has the valve sticking out of it, but nothings attached to it. Did someone use the wrong dipstick tube or is it missing some hoses up top? I know the kits changed from 03 to 04. Teh oil trap is different as well as most of the hoses that connect to the trap. My car idles really rough when its in drive, once you start driving, the roughness goes away. In park its fine. Theres also oil all over the bottom of the engine, even some on the underside of the intake manifold! I took off the Cobra, and wasn't too much inside, but I also get oil leaking from the plastic air intake tube that drips on teh outside of the TB, and also oil drips out of the clamp that connects teh cobra and the turbo.

    Basically, my PCV system seems like its missing hoses, and I have oil everywhere on the bottom of the engine, could be turbo or I believe it might be it's PCV related. Thinking about dropping sump as well.

    Thank you for your time,


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    There is no problem with 06 PCV systems. Nothing is attached to the dipstick housing nipple. There is a small gasket near the top of the TB and the cobra pipe fits over it.
    My guess yours is gone, but that would only add an oil coating on the TB, not on the bottom of the motor.
    Look up a diagram for you PVC and cross check.
    Your valve gasket is also likely leaking.
    Squirt a bunch of charcoal lighter fluid around your motor and wipe the oil off and then check for leaks

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    the oil coming from the bottom of the engine could be coming from oil pressure sensor ( right side heading to rear of the car ) or a leak at cover. rarely too from the oil trap of the PCV.
    on 2006 the oil filling tube has a small nipple, if you check with a sharp object you can feel it is blind, no hole inside.so no connection with any rubber tube on it.
    i will suggest to check all your vacuum lines and the anti return valves.

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