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    Digger you're right in view to keep the car for long time a Tech II is more than useful.

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    SonnyF, did you ever resolve this P0245 issue with your 9-3? I am having a very similar problem with my 2006 9-3 wagon where it's runs very rough, smokes with a mis-fire and then after driving a few miles the mis-fire clears and then after 5-10 miles the turbo boost goes from 11psi to 0psi but will be running very smooth without the mis-fire. After parking the car for a day it will run fine for the next day or two then start the mis-fire again where it's smoking pretty good and has a very strong smell of unburned gas and the boost eventually goes away. I have changed all four coil-paks and the boost pressure control valve with no resolution. Along with the P0245 CEL fault I also get P0201-203 consistently and occasionally there is a P0246 fault. I'm at a loss too. Given that it's somewhat intermittent could it be a bad ECU? All thoughts and ideas welcome!

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    Yes it could be a bad ECU, faults 201 & 203 are for bad injectors and no gas or way to much gas can also make you run rough, misfire and smoke and this can put you in limp home mode. When car runs rough enough the check engine light will also flash to let you know that your problem could ruin your turbo and the computer works to protect the turbo. So along with possible ECU, you also have possible injector and or possible wire harness problem. A good visual inspection of the wire harness cost nothing but time.

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