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    Occasional sputtering to not turning over

    I sold my 2003 9-5 Aero back in May but the couple who purchased it are having an issue that I would like to pose to you fine folks who helped me in the past.

    Labor Day trip it sputtered a few times on a day trip , each time just a second of so. Since then an occasional sputter but not every day. A week ago, however she refused to turn over until after the 5th try. Ran a day then would not turn over. Odd thing, though, was after calling the wrecker they pushed her for easier access to the wrecker. Turned the key and she turned over and ran for a day, then next morning back to not turning over. No CEL's during any of this!!! They were able to get her to a shop where the fuel pump was determined to operating normally. When I sold them the car it had a spare CPS in the trunk. It was replaced but no change. During my 6 year ownership she only sputtered for me when the DIC was failing but that always produced a CEL.

    Advice, suggestions?

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    Sometimes there may be OBD2 codes stored even without the CEL coming on. It's a bit of a tough problem to troubleshoot. How are your spark plugs? Are they the right kind?

    Maybe some bad gas or some water in it.

    Just guessing here..

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    I'll throw in an uninformed answer here: maybe it's your DIC? They do need to be replaced and it won't always spit out a code.

    If you do end up replacing the DIC make sure to get a Saab branded one and not a cheaper third party one that will likely go bad in a year (speaking from experience).

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