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    No worries Digger. I really appreciate all of the additional information you provided. I was just being cheap in ordering only two packs thinking they couldn't all be bad. Maybe a good lesson for anyone else with the same issue....replace all four.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digger View Post
    For the most part P1312 pertains to the plugs, coil packs, wire from the coil packs to the ION module, wire from ION module to the ECM and if you follow the WIS troubleshooting guide it sends you off to read more sections if your answer is NO to fault resolved.

    The WIS is a great resource, but it isn't the be all and end all of Saab service knowledge as the material the WIS sends you on to read expects you to have the knowledge of a an educated and experienced mechanic. I'm by no means any kind of a factory trained mechanic, much less a Saab expert, but under the hood of the 06 Cobalt SS you will find the same engine as our 06 Saab 2.0t's, I've had some practice with Chevy's and a lot of it carries over to Saab. P1312 is also a knock code and unlike working on a late model Chevy, the Tech 2 either doesn't tell you what the Saab engine computer thinks the gasoline octane is, or I haven't found that screen yet and that makes eliminating the ECM and emission system a lot more difficult when the cause isn't one of the usual Saab suspects.

    If your symptoms and situation are identical to the ones listed by the original poster you need to look at all the things that can cause knock on hard acceleration.
    In my case, it was resolved by replacement with proper plugs and the replacement of coils.

    But this was very enlightening and helpful. Thanks. I appreciate the insight.

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