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    Replacing the clutch

    The dealer is asking $2.5K (USD) to replace the clutch on my 2006 9-3T 2.0, is that something that a mortal can do himself or is it a difficult task? The WIS lists some special tools though.

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    $2,500 is pretty darn high to do a job that is virtually the same as replacing the clutch on a front wheel drive Chevy. Yes a mere mortal can do this job and the alignment tool should come with a full clutch replacement kit, everything else can be borrowed, rented, fabricated or reasonably purchased. Darn big job to do in the driveway and my best advice is find a neighborhood shop with a good reputation and a fair price.

    Doing this yourself will save you a couple of grand over the dealer price and it will probably take you a couple of days the first time you do one, but there a darn few jobs that pay a grand a day. My second best advice is watch a few u-tube Chevy and Saturn clutch replacement videos and decide for yourself if you can do the job.

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