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    2011 Saab 95 Vector SE Manual
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    2011 95 TID4 "Low Fuel Level Warning Light.

    Good Morning

    Noticed that on my 2011 Saab 95 TID Vector SE that the fuel warning light is not illuminating when the fuel level is low.
    The file level indicator gauge is working perfectly.
    Has anyone else seen this.
    Note 85KM left before I need to re fuel.

    Denis Ryan
    Cork Ireland

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    maybe just a fired bulb on the dash

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    I never run the fuel that low, there is always some water and muck in the bottom of a fuel tank so best not to risk getting it into the injectors.

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    Never had a problem here in finland to drive the tank low level. I need to fill the tank every second week with my car usually... Sadly have no answer to first question. Never had the low level light issue neither. Bulb maybe?

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