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    Check Engine Light and Check Gear Box Light

    I just purchased a 1998 Saab 900 SE Turbo convertible, and two faults just popped up: Check Gearbox and Check Engine. Car is running great: just had oil checked and transmission fluids checked. Ran it to AutoZone and came up with code P0741.
    Unfortunately, in the area I live in: there are no Saab repair shops for hundreds of miles around: and it appears no local shops can read the error codes accurately.
    Suggestions for what to do? Obvioulsy finding a mechanic that could read the codes correctly would be great: but logistics are a barrier.

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    WIS says that code is for lock up malfunction the issue reside in the wiring harness on the top of the box a good auto electrician with a modern diagnosis tool might be resolve your issue.
    you can read that post too http://www.saablink.net/forum/car-pr...only/62814.htm

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