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    Question Engine quit while driving-need help ASAP

    I have several posts here that detail the maintenance done since I purchased a 2008 9-5 2.3T (that now has 92K up from 90K) just under a month ago: serpentine belt, NGK spark plugs, thermostat, temp sensor, and battery. I also detailed shift/acceleration issues as well with the transmission/engine. Today we have something different which has never happened to me in any vehicle I have ever owned.

    After exiting the highway with the transmission in Sport mode, I came to a stop at a red light. It was clear and no traffic so I pressed the accelerator, got up to 20MPH, and saw traffic in the rear view mirror several hundred feet behind me moving closer. I went to accelerate again when I felt a snap/thud from the engine bay, first the TCS light came on, then the tach bounced three times between 1500-2000 RPM, and then the engine died with all the warning lights lit on the dash. No power, no power steering, no power brakes. I was going up a slight incline, and the momentum was enough to allow me to get into a parking lot safely. Thankfully there was no one next to me.

    When I turned the key after stopping, the same moaning giraffe noise that was present when my battery died last week was there again. No fluid leaks, oil and coolant level were fine, serpentine belt in tact, quarter tank of fuel, but the fans kept turning on to keep the engine cool.

    I have no idea what caused this. If anyone has any idea please let me know. It was sent via flatbed to the mechanic it was purchased from to get fixed, but I would like to know from those with extensive SAAB experience. Thanks.

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    I'm sure that when checked you will have codes that will shed some light on this problem. I have no idea what a moaning giraffe sounds like, snap/thud? tach bouncing could be could be electrical or indication of tranny slipping, you have mentioned tranny shift issues and you could eliminate a lot of possibilities with a quick lube pressure test. Locate the lubrication pressure tap and check for approximately 5 psi at approximately 150°F.

    This tranny info link wasn't working the other day and while it's working you might want to download and save http://akpphelp.ru/images/contents/f...0SN%2051SN.pdf

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    I have a Saab 2.3 lt from 2001 with TCS and not ESP who's made same to yours died with no prior warning, could you confirm your car haven't ESP ?

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