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    Could be the bcm, could be the twice and there is the added possibility that somebody did some circumventive programming. Comfort open active in a US car should mean that the car came equipped with US required anti pinch modules and could mean that somebody changed some program settings to non US market to work the comfort open and you might be needing a Tech 2 to find out if your car is broken or confused.

    Try disconnecting the battery cable for a few minutes and after reconnecting add a battery charger to make sure that you have a solid 12v, then synch the fob to the car and try working the door locks before starting the engine.

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    Digger.... thank you for all your help my friend... put the car on the charger for the morning did what you said had to push the lock switch and move the actual Lock up and down and the Gremlins started working their magic... all but one rear passenger door locks and unlocks...I think that is an actuator though it has never made any sign of working.... thanks again woohoo!!!

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