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    Before we get to judgmental here and start hurting feelings, thought I should mention that people don't always sell cars because they want to, sometimes people sell cars because they have to.

    If you live long enough you don't just get older, you get old and as you get older you get to watch your parents get old. When your parents get old enough you will eventually either have to take their car away because they shouldn't be driving, or you have to help them sell their car because they know they shouldn't be driving or they can't afford to own and keep the car running anymore. While you're doing this you might just realize that someday this will be you.

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    The other option is to sell or give it to a relative. I sold my father's (estate) 2002 Buick for $2000 in 2009 to a first cousin who then gave it to her grandson. They and the car resided about 1500 miles from me. I calculated that the car needed, by the dealership, about $2000 in repairs. I was informed that a local mechanic fixed the car for $500. My first cousin twice removed has driven the car to high school and college. The Buick at the time fully repaired would have listed for about $10,000 but only traded in for $6,000. Good luck.

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