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    A/C recirculation flap motor electrical repair tuto

    Hi ,
    I would like to share something i didn't find in any forum . I had a problem on my 98 9-5 with the recirculation flap motor , which wasn't working.

    The motor and gears were running fine, but won't run when fitted into the car. I discovered a small grey cube (about 2x2x2cm) just near the plug on the dashboard side with black glue inside .

    Here's the interesting fact :

    this small cube is acually part of a small wiring harness as you can see (on the picture little cube has been disassembled) :

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    When i applied 12v on the motor WITHOUT the small harness , lever turned well but once in contact with the casing it wouldnt stop , propably causing the death of plastic gears.
    When i applied 12v on the motor WITH the small harness, no reactionat all ...

    After boring work of removing the black glue , here what you can discover inside :

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    I decided to show this thing with friends having electronic skills . They told me that this 5 components , to make a long story short , are acting like a current limiter , switching off the supply when lever is in contact with the plastic case (and then motor is asking more current).

    So , i changed all the components on this small circuit , here's the BOM
    2 zener diodes BZX85-C6V8
    2 diodes 1N4007
    1 resistance 68ohm 3W

    After some soldering , everything works PERFECTLY

    Hope it will help some of you , as frustrated as i was before this small fix !


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    Welcome to the exciting world of automotive electronics

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