So I was in a parking lot at my school, there was someone in front of me that was parked waiting for their friends to show up in get in their car. I didnít want to wait so I decided to drive up into the curb so I could get in front of them instead of waiting. The car was running fine and I even went through a coffee drive through for like 10 minutes. And then drove onto the road and headed to a mini mart to get some food. I drove like about half a mile and it felt like the car wasnít running right. It felt like when I took my foot off the gas I was immediately pressing on the brake and that the car wasnít going into the right gear, (it is an automatic). The stability control warning went off. I called my dad when I got to the mini mart and he drove me back to school with his car. Afterwards, he went back and tried to turn in on and off a couple of times to see if the warning would go off. It turned off after he turned the steering wheel back and forth multiple times going pretty fast. Any ideas? Itís a 2006 Saab wagon