I bought my 9-3 with a hood inoperable (missing the 5th bow motor, and low hydraulic fluid) and also a drivers window in need of a new regulator. It only cost me 300 and is in decent condition, so its a bit of fun!
I've replaced the 5th bow motor, and filled up with fluid, and now the hood works, up and down, most of the time. One strange thing is that if I press down on the front drivers side window switch, the 5th bow lock opens! And if I press up on it, the 5th bow closes! I haven't replaced the regulator yet, but have plugged in my new one, and the window switch does NOT operate the window in either direction. The window does go up and down 30% as it should when the hood is being operated, but does not work off the window switch.
Obviously the windows and hood are working together when the hood is being operated, but surely the window switch itself shouldn't be operating the 5th bow motor?
All help appreciated