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    Advice on smoother shifting, please?

    I'm a decent shifter..I don't grind gears and my shifts are pretty smooth, but they aren't in that sweet spot.

    To me, the sweet spot happens when, while accelerating, going from one gear to the next feels continuous on the gas pedal; virtually as smooth as an automatic.

    My shifting looks like a series out mountain peaks, if you could graph it.

    I don't know whether I push the clutch in too far, or that I'm too timid to let it out, but the result is that I'm not hitting that spot..the perfect balance between clutch and gas.

    Can anyone offer suggestions as to how to maybe visualize it better? I get the teeter-totter analogy..

    Thanks for any clues!

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    It could possibly be that it's not you at all. Your synchronizer could be on the fritz.

    Sent from my 9-3

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    Bad synchro's cause grinding gears so that has nothing to do with this problem:

    Quote Originally Posted by 93catt
    ...I don't grind gears

    When shifting, you always have to apply full clutch so you can never push the clutch in too far so I guess you are too slow with releasing when the clutch engages or way too early with applying the accelerator pedal. Every car shifts slightly different so you just have got to get used to the car you're driving, it just takes experience. Cars with a cable clutch can have a changing spot in the pedal when the clutch engages due to the wear of the clutch plate (and wear of the clutch cable due to tension), but with a hydraulic clutch like in our 9-3's the clutch should always feel the same.

    Funny note: Here in Europe everybody learns to drive in a stick shift, even though automatics are getting pretty popular nowadays with all the traffic jams. Why? It is possible to take driving lessons in an automatic, but then your driver's licence is only valid for driving in automatic cars and you'd have to pass another driving test in a stick shift car if you want to upgrade to a full driver's licence!

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    When you are starting from a dead stop on a steep hill there is a perfect balance spot between brake, clutch and gas that needs to be found in a heartbeat. For normal driving speed is where you find the sweet spot and after you know how it feels, the clutch becomes optional as it only saves on wear and tear.

    For that really smooth shifting while accelerating push in the clutch for changing gears, gently let up on the gas while applying light, slight, finger tip pressure, to the shift lever and when engine rpm drops to the perfect match the tranny will almost suck the shift lever into gear. When that happens gently increase engine rpm while you let the clutch out

    For that really smooth shifting while decelerating push in the clutch for changing gears, give the gas a little punch to raise the your RPM's and while the engine is spinning down apply light, slight, finger tip pressure, to the shift lever and when engine rpm drops to the perfect match the tranny will almost suck the shift lever into gear.

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