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    Unhappy Sudden loss of power and rough idle / B207L engine

    Hi guys, I'm dealing with this problem with my 2003 Linear 4cil 2.0t MT, B207L engine. :

    All perfect and no codes at startup, but approx. when the engine reaches its operating temp, then it comes code P0606, and the car losses much of its power + rough idle, I assume it goes into Limp Home Mode as no messages appear on SID. If in this situation I clear the codes with a generic bluetooth OBDII scanner, the problems go away and I can drive the car normally for about 1 or 2 minutes and then again P0606 and Limp Home. Occasionally Code P0638 also shows up, but changing the throttle body with a good one didn't make a difference.
    My First thought was the ECU was Fried, but, why would clearing the codes solve the problem temporarily ? any Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saabero View Post
    My First thought was the ECU was Fried, but, why would clearing the codes solve the problem temporarily ? any Ideas?
    The ECU is a special purpose computer and like a PC, restarting can fix a program that has gotten unstable. Resetting the ECU is like restarting a computer and sometimes you need to pull the plug to get the computer to forget a bad instruction, so pull the battery cable and if the problem goes away and stays away, great. If not you have a real problem that means doing something with the Trionic 8.

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