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Here are the two halves of my coolant cap. This just happened: for the second time in a month or so (1000 miles or so), I got a Low Coolant message. First time, car was hot, I stopped and bought the correct coolant, and topped it up as best I could. Couldn't see the markings. When I had unscrewed the cap and then screwed it back on, it felt tight, like it was cross-threaded, but it didn't look like it was. This morning (car cold) when I screwed it off, it broke. I'm just as happy to replace it as maybe that's the cause for the two messages. I have one on order (Saab part) from eeuroparts, should arrive tomorrow. I think I'm going to just let the car sit until then. I'm hoping that when I get the new cap, I will be able grab the inner, protruding ring on the old one (stuck in the tank) and get it loose. Any thoughts or advice? Car (and the plastic cap I assume) are about 10 years old (but only 38K miles now) and I understand that plastic deteriorates, esp in the hot environment of the 2.8 engine bay. Thanks in advance, Steve