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    Quote Originally Posted by SEBczy760 View Post
    Hello Radek I also have a 9-5saab and I have a problem with the lamp if you can help me.
    Best regards Sebastian
    How can I help you? What is most difficult to you in this project?
    You should be able to do this in one weekend by yourself even you are not good in electronic things

    Wysłane z mojego Lenovo P2a42 przy użyciu Tapatalka

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    I would think that a buck bought (Bucktoot https://www.leddynamics.com/bucktoot-7027) or built could be used there as well and would ensure LED survivability.
    I have fixed the 3rd brake light by replacing all the LEDs - 24 of those and added Bucktoot on the power line - never ever issues there again and all for 15 Euros or so.
    I will be fixing tail LED bar soon with some other LEDs with a bit more directivity and bit more DC current - 50 mA and will post the results when done.

    Also to add, aside of gaskets - true, they also need to be exchanged, but a good solution is to apply Plastik 70 ( https://uk.farnell.com/kontakt-chemi...0ml/dp/2142396 ) on all the PCB elements and connections and also on the back of the LEDs and in general all the solder points. This will protect it from humidity and make it last forever.

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    I do have the kit but would like someone to fit it for me. I am in Eastbourne EAst Sussex UK. Can anyone recommend a fitter please?

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