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    No indicator or parking sensor sound

    Hi everyone! This is my first post.

    I have a 2011 9-3 TTID SC, and recently the sound for various indications such as the parking sensor and messages in the display have been intermittent. Yesterday all sounds disappeared all together. I suspect that it is the buzzer/speaker itself that needs replacing...? The audio system works as usual. I could be wrong and it is something else that is broken, so if there is a history to this error and how to fix it I am curious to hear!

    I am fairly competent both with a multimeter and soldering iron, and I believe I can manage the repair myself if it really is only the speaker that is broken. But this requires me to be able to locate the damn thing. Can anyone advice on how find it and get to it?

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    Go to the [Tech Talk] section just below the blue [Workshop] and use the link for WIS and EPCV windows 10 download. The WIS will tell you what to look for and the EPC will give you a line art picture of what it looks like and an idea of where it is.

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