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    B202 Motor infomation

    Hello everyone, Glad to join the Forum

    I recently purchased the Saab 900 (And there is quite a lot of work on it, most of it dismantled).
    Model of my engine is B202
    I would be happy to have some precise information about the engine model and its data
    (Beyond what's in Wikipedia)

    What is the compression ratio of the specific engine?
    Model of the Garrett turbocharger? it's oil or water Cooling?
    The data of the injectors?
    Discharge fuel discharger I know it's 2.8 bar, what's the fuel pump pressure?

    I will be happy for more information,
    And I'm sorry if I opened the post in the wrong place,
    An enjoyable evening for everyone!

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    Paul A
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    You'll find most of this info if you buy yourself a Saab Bentley Manual. It's not cheap and by no means perfect. But it will have all the spec you need in it. Keep your eyes open , you do occasionally find them cheaper on eBay
    Or pic what you want from these links;

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