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    TCS Off Light After New CIM installed

    Hi Guys,
    I have a 2011 Saab 9-3 Turbo4. Last week I had a Steering Wheel Lock Malfunction error. I had the vehicle towed to my local Foreign Car guy and he changed the ignition ($250) which didnt solve the issue. After a few more days I am then told they do not have the software to diagnose. I have the local shop rig up the car so its running and I drive it to a Saab tech. The Saab tech diagnoses and replaces the CIM (used part), the battery and reprograms keys so the car starts but now the TCS Light is on and will not go off. The tech is telling me there are no errors coming up on the software he is using. Does anyone have any ideas? This is getting $$$. Appreciate any insights. Thanks much!

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    A few hours ago I wrote about how a broken wheel sensor wire gave me a traction ABS fault, It also caused the steering wheel not to lock, wonderful problem to have as steering wheel not unlocking is the insurmountable problem listed on every Saab forum posting I can find to read. Fixing the broken wire fixed the steering wheel lock, ABS sensor wire should have nothing to do with the steering wheel lock and unplugging the sensor after fixing the broken wire had no affect on the steering wheel lock.

    Thinking it would be a good idea to know how to duplicate the unlocked wheel in case I need to some day, I have formed a theory that it has something to do with error reporting and the SID. Being that it gets cold here in the winter and heating the garage costs money, I hadn't planned to spend any time fooling with this until summer when I take my convertible out of storage and have a second car to drive.

    For your TCS light I would look into everything the local shop did to bypass the lock and if they got anyplace close to the steering wheel position sensor, figure the Saab shop would never think to look where they might have put their hands while figuring out how to get you running and plan on a wheel alignment with the steering wheel in mind. There is a steering position sensor that can be knocked out of place and if the car thinks it's sliding sideways while moving the TCS light will illuminate.

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    Hei, do you have all actual codes? So you can start with the right 1 stepp!!!

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