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    Springtime in Virginia - C'ville Saabists brave snow on tour

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    The snow was coming down, but we dealt with it! Ok, it's nothing what real snowbirds deal with, but it is the South, and allegedly Spring.

    A group of us were trying to make a tour to Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia, but due to weather, had to opt for a different place. One of our members knew the gallery owner in a remarkable town in Western Virginia called Warm Springs. Name:  IMG_0374.jpg
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    The town only has 7(?!) year round residents. All others are second home and vacationers. The Gallery was really nice, having an assortment of artwork from local and overseas artists, paintings and crafts. Name:  IMG_0378.jpg
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    There is a cafe and gift shop, the views have that eastern mountain charm. Name:  IMG_0379.jpg
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    Coming back, we stopped at the town of Monterey . One of the members took us to a really funky old hotel. Name:  IMG_0382.jpg
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    Really old school, with ACTUAL KEYS!
    A local nonprofit owns it.

    Saw many roads with river rapids next to them, twisty turny mountain roads, a few fly fishermen, but the weather sucked for spring. Warm Springs is a definite recommend (see the gallery). All in all, not a bad way to spend an afternoon with your Saab. Name:  IMG_0377.jpg
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